With our cost effective custom electrical enclosures and inner panels, we help you steer away from the traditional long lead times and disproportional costs associated with manufacturers doing custom work to their standard enclosure.

The Fabricating and labeling of UL approved Nema type enclosures have been a part of our business growth since 1998. We hold UL file # E189961 for all this work. We will use our knowledge to aid your Engineers in the design. Working with them will make sure your finished product will be UL50 compliant.

Type 12, 4 and 4X enclosures use an installed one piece closed cell UL approved door gasket with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) one side or loose with no adhesive if required.

Type 1 enclosures can be produced cost effectively with 4 piece foam gaskets or without the use of any gasket. Cost effective hinges and latching makes this type of enclosure the most appealing to our customers who do not have the rigid requirements for outdoor applications.

Our latches can be supplied from a variety of quality manufacturers. We use on a consistent basis EMKA, Guden, Sierra Pacific, Dirak and Nielsen Hardware for our applications. For a general bracket/clasp cover closure we have our own design using high quality SS or plated hardware.

Enclosure doors come with a wide variety of hinges. We can make them permanently in place or removable. Please contact us on your specific application.


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