Engineering Services
Using the most current version of Solidworks we will work with your engineering group to take a concept to completion. We can accept or generate prints using the following methods:
• Dwg
• Dxf
• Pdf • STP

Internal Assembly
In 2002 we expanded into contract assembly of simple electro-mechanical components associated with our fabricated parts. Please click onto our assembly tab for further details and capabilities.

We can drop ship to your end customer using your packaging or we can furnish boxing to meet your requirements.

Since 1998 we have supplied UL labeled enclosures to fit our customer’s custom enclosure needs. Please click onto the enclosure tab for further details and capabilities.

Internal sheet metal processing types and capacities
• Punching
• Thin gauge tooling capacity
• Stainless Steel to .125” thickness
• Aluminum to .250” thickness
• Carbon steel to .250” thickness

• Tooling
• Louvers
• Deep scribing
• Embossing
• Printing
• Knock-outs

Welding capabilities
• Stainless Steel
• Tack down to .018” thickness
• MIG and TIG down to .030” thickness

• Aluminum
• Tack down to .024” thickness
• Lincoln® Pulsed MIG with Cobra push/pull gun down to .030” thickness • TIG down to .020” thickness

• Carbon steel
• Tack down to .018” thickness
• MIG and TIG down to .030” thickness

• Copper, brass, bronze
• Silver solder in-place
• TIG welding with silicon bronze rod

Spot welding capabilities
• Stainless steel
• To .060” thickness

• Carbon steel
• To .060” thickness

• Buckeye® weld nuts
• To 2-56 to 10-32 thread size.

Press Brake forming
• Tooling to 8’ long
• Pressure to 100 tons
• Multi-axis gauging to coin and air bend.
• Custom tooling for louvers, extrusions, embossing and multi-punching.

Hardware insertion
• Tooled to install all PEM and retaining hardware

• Cold saw extrusions, tubing and bar stock up to 7” depending on configuration

Stud Gun
• Stainless steel, zinc plated or copper flash
• Studs and external threaded hardware up to 3/8” diameter

Brushing Surfaces
• Stainless steel to a #4 finish up to 8’ long
• Aluminum directional grain with Scotchbrite™ to 8’ long
• Orbital vibratory sanding.

External processing offered to our customers to complete a kit, assembly or blueprint requirement.

• We will handle for our customers the milling, drilling, broaching and turning required from our partnered machine shops.

• Laser, EDM, Water Jet

Spot Welding
• Aluminum
• Large nuts or thicker plate steels

Surface Finish
• Plating of steel
• Zinc, black oxide, galvanizing, hard chrome
• Surface treatment of aluminum
• Irridited, Anodize, Phosphatize
• Stainless steel
• Passivated
• High polished

• Wet coat either catalyzed, air dry or baked
• Powder • E-coat